Andrey Kolybelnikov

Fullstack Web Developer


Self-driven and enthusiastic software developer, experienced in building and maintaining web applications in start-ups, small businesses, and enterprises. Proficient in JavaScript and has a knowledge of a few other programming languages. Passionate about details, functionality, integration and clean code. Has deep respect for the culture, process, and craft of software development in general. Has a good understanding of the user experience and appreciation of the whole journey from a wireframe to a functional product with a stable and maintainable codebase. Keen on the back-end and dev-ops integrations, tools automation, sharp UX and shared code ownership.

Work Experiences

Frontend Developer

FastForward.AI | 02/2019 - Present

Analytics Dashboard​: a responsive web application optimized for mobile web - social media sales and marketing campaigns analytics. User group: Telecom companies’ management.

  • Angular 8/9, Typescript, RxJs
  • Monorepository pattern
  • Shared component libraries with Nx
  • Material Design
  • Reporting and Analytics API with Clickhouse DB
  • Animated charts with Highcharts
  • Authentication with Auth0
  • PWA
  • In-memory state management for optimized performance
  • Unit tests with Jest and Storybook

Webviews​: digital services and mobile payment gateway web pages inside social media chats (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber).

  • Vue, State Machine, Vuex
  • Maximized performance for mobile web
  • Project conversion to Monorepository with Lerna and Yarn Workspaces
  • Typestyle (CSS in TS)
  • Component and style libraries
  • Deployment with Nginx and Docker with Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Webchat with
  • i18n with JSON
  • Contentful CMS
  • Dynamic rendering with erb-templates
  • Proxy servers and load balancing

Frontend Software Engineer

FaceValue BV | 07/2018 - 02/2019

Admin portal​: user management, video verification, financial reporting and custom MS for a B2B and B2C supply chain banking platform.

  • Angular 6/7, Typescript, RxJs
  • .NET API, Microsoft SQL
  • Material Design
  • Video embedments
  • Data tables, dynamic calculations and views
  • CI/CD on VSTS

Corporate website​: created and customized in close collaboration with UX and UI engineers.

  • Custom CSS with SCSS
  • Angular 6/7, Typescript, RxJs
  • Component library
  • Webform security with Google Captcha3
  • Validation and sanitizing of user input

Frontend Developer

Contezza BV | 01/2018 - 07/2018

Gemeente Utrecht​: a pilot of a large-scale, modernized document repository for the co-workers of the agency. Integration with Application Development Framework of Alfresco cloud services.

  • Angular 5, Typescript, RxJs
  • Apache FTL
  • Material Design
  • Java API
  • Component library
  • Unit tests with Jasmine and Karma
  • Animations with D3

Software Programmer

SKIM BV | 05/2017 - 12/2017

Campaign Generator​: a campaign generator application for customer decision mapping research for the leading marketing research agency.

  • Angular 2, Typescript, RxJs
  • API with Node.js and Express.js
  • Material Design with Materialize CSS
  • PrimeNG components
  • Immutable data with Immutable.js
  • Custom text editor with TinyMCE
  • Image uploads and storage with MongoDB
  • Web security and user authentication with Passport, JWT and proxy-server
  • Unit tests with Karma and Jasmine

Legacy Software System​: user support and code base maintainace.

  • Backend with Perl
  • Frontend with JQuery


Bakery Webapp

I started this project to help a friend to create a web presence and to learn React.js skills. Initially the project was created with CRA and React v.15 with Serverless API on AWS Dynamo DB. Later I have recreated it to use React v.16 with Hooks, Functional Components and Context API. I also have created a SSR version with Next with a backend on AWS AppSync using Graphql with Apollo. I have learned and used a wide range of technologies to solve the challenges of the project. Besides technologies, one of the best takeaways of this project is my end-to-end involvement with architecture and design from scratch, project code base organization, deployment and CI, as well as translating business requirements into a functional product used by many people.

  • React, React Hooks, Context API
  • AWS, AppSync, Graphql, Cognito, DynamoDB
  • Serverless
  • Next, Gatsby
  • Fuse JS
  • Netlify, Contentful, Zeit/Now
  • Bulma, AntD, Styled Components, Rebass

Parish Website | private repository

I have created a multi-language static site with Gatsby for a the Tichel church in Amsterdam's Jordaan. It features an animated image gallery, dynamic event calendar, i18n in 3 languages, Contentful API, and CI/CD with Bitbucket and FTP on a private Apache Server.

  • React, React Hooks, Context API
  • Rich Text Renderer
  • Graphql
  • i18n
  • Next, Gatsby, Gatsby Image
  • date-fns
  • Typography JS, Styled Components, Rebass

Cognito I​dentity Manager

authenicated access | open source

The user authentication for the Bakery PWA is implemented with AWS identity service Cognito. Users can sign up and log in with username/password authentication. I needed a solution for new users extraction from AWS to Google Sheets. I have implemented the project with Serverless API on Netlify Lambda and Google APIs for Google Sheets. For the frontend I have experimented with the static site generator of Svelte, Sapper and TailwindCss.

  • Svelte, Sapper, Static Site Generator
  • AWS Cognito
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Rollup
  • Netlify Lambda
  • GoogleSheets API
  • CSV

This is a React application I created over 5 days as part of the coding challenge for Trivago. It's a simple app with dynamic filtering of tech events and a persistent state managment with JSON-server. The server is hosted with Heroku.

  • React, React Hooks
  • Typescript
  • Bulma CSS
  • RxJs Observables
  • JSON Server
  • Heroku
  • Zeit/Now
  • Bootstrap-React components

HTTP Polling App

This is a simple proof-of-concept application. I have used RxJs Observables to poll an open-source API with various time intervals and implemented a persistent local-storage with Svelte's Store.

  • Svelte Store
  • Typescript
  • Bulma CSS
  • RxJs Observables
  • Rollup
  • Zeit/Now
  • Jest